Some noise complaint details compiled on

Well folks, as promised, here are some of the noise complaints we have compiled up to August 2018.

Source: Irelands only online noise complaint website (

Type of Noise

Wind Turbine Noise

How does it affect you?

Keeps me awake

Industrial Noise Reverberating sound but only 25db on average, annoying when trying to sleep. Lots of people can’t hear it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a nuisance to me. Not sure of source of noise so concerned when I don’t know cause.
Industrial Noise Constant deliveries and associated noises , banging , metal grinding , trucks , roll cages , fan noise
Quarry Noise Truck and machine noise
Aircraft Noise Planes flying over our house quite low from 11pm at night.
Wind Turbine Noise Swooshing, thumping , buzzing humming screeching
Construction Noise County council road breaker working 10 metres from my home causing my whole house to vibrate.  Work starts at 7pm till 4am. Noise is deafening and it’s impossible to sleep.
Quarry Noise Quarrying machinery and crushing
Road Traffic Noise ruins the peace and quiet of the countryside
Barking Dogs or Livestock My neighbour’s dog is kept inside. He howls and barks while they are away at work during the day. My house is semi-detached and the sound insulation is very poor.
Barking Dogs or Livestock Neighbours dog barks constantly
Road Traffic Noise The vehicles on the M11 are very noisy as the M11 does not have noise reducing bitumen and there are no sound barriers on the Rathmichael side. The small segment of sound barriers on the Shankill side of the M11 deflect the noise over to the other side of the motorway, amplifying the noise pollution for the Rathmichael residents
Barking Dogs or Livestock Barking dogs
Entertainment noise from a venue or bar Really loud music
Industrial Noise Banging and mechanical pressing noise until 4 or 5am in the morning.
Power Generation, Substations and Electrical A very low resonating sound that seems to be heard at night. It can sometimes be difficult to hear but it sounds like a very low hum. May be related to power lines which go through the front of the housing estate.
Road Traffic Noise Constant stream of traffic and accompanying road noise
Rail Noise Platform Public Address System
Road Traffic Noise Continued noise from M7 motorway. Screening vegetation planted along this part of the motorway has not grown and has died away. Road surface seems to be noisier here than in other places. Cold weather, wet weather and wind direction all have an effect on the level of noise.
Road Traffic Noise I work mon to Fri and have to leave for work at 6:45 the volume of traffic on the road is constant throughout the night and my apartment block is not far from the road
Even sealing the window with extra draught excluders makes no difference
I have been wearing ear plugs since I moved in.
Clay Shooting or Rife Noise Very loud bangs and constant shooting like popping sounds
Rail Noise Trains waiting to enter Connolly station
Wind Turbine Noise especially early morning trying to sleep
Road Traffic Noise Traffic on newly opened motorway M17
Wind Turbine Noise Like an airline jet
Road Traffic Noise I like to sleep at night with my bedroom windows  open. Since the owner of the house in front of me felled the tall conifers the noise from the road means I have to  close the windows every night. Wet roads sound much worse.
Road Traffic Noise Vehicle noise speeding N80
Clay Shooting or Rife Noise Consistent loud shotgun and rifle shooting
Barking Dogs or Livestock Dog next door
Construction Noise Building and traffic arriving at building site.
Clay Shooting or Rife Noise Very loud bangs and constant shooting like popping sounds
Industrial Noise We have noise from a number of sources. One a waste water treatment plant to the front of the house ,the other a cash and carry centre operating through the night with large refrigerated trucks being loaded .The treatment plant is a 24/7 source of  noise pollution with an unending drone sometimes escalating to a very loud motorised noise.
Road Traffic Noise Road noise from M4 motorway
Sports Noise (Motorsport, Model Aircraft, Jet Ski) Footballs being pounded against the barriers and cages surrounding 4 all-weather soccer pitches. This noise is worse before or after a match as the footballers constantly pound the balls full force against the barriers. The sound can be heard from inside my home.
Aircraft Noise We are woken approx. 5am every morning with airplanes flying over, sometimes earlier and including weekends
Industrial Noise The noise is coming from a concrete batching plant about 75 meters away. The plant itself causes bad  vibrations which can be felt all through the house, the main problem is when the trucks are mixing the concrete which is almost constant the noise levels at our front door can reach in excess of 65-70 DB. This noise can start from 5:30am Monday to Saturday. It has woken the whole family on a number of occasions (2 Adults & 2 children Age 9 +15)
Road Traffic Noise constant traffic noise from M4, worse depending on wind direction
Industrial Noise increased traffic and shipping in the Port and Docks
Road Traffic Noise increased traffic and shipping in the Port and Docks
Noise from a neighbouring property Every Friday at 6:30 am the building alarm in XXXXXX Building starts for about 10 min straight for the past 2 months!
Aircraft Noise Sleepless nights due to aircraft flying over my house from 2300 or earlier the noise is terrible been onto DAA only the same standard e mail each time
Sports Noise (Motorsport, Model Aircraft, Jet Ski) Kids  & teenagers playing hurling & sports at side of my home.
Road Traffic Noise Trucks every two minutes going to the incinerator
Construction Noise Drilling, digging, heavy machinery and the trucks
Industrial Noise Vibrating noise from Delivery Lorrys and reverberating noise from factory
Industrial Noise Reverberating Noise(Hum)inside my house
Industrial Noise Reverberating noise
Industrial Noise Air compressor noisy
Road Traffic Noise road traffic passing house behind house
Noise from a neighbouring property loud slamming of doors, scraping of chairs and tables across tiled floor, music and loud washing machine/dryer
Noise from a neighbouring property House alarm
Event/Festival Noise There is a gaming event in the XXXXX XXXXX  grounds in Tallaght.  People are speaking on a microphone and it’s is very loud. I can hear exactly what they are saying.
Noise from a neighbouring property High pitched whistling noise 24/7 which sounds like a malfunctioning AC Inverter’s external unit. It’s been going on since at least August 2017 and getting louder by each passing month. It’s absolutely disturbing during quiet night hours since XXXXXX House where we live only has single sheet windows which do little to nothing to muffle the sound.
Noise from a neighbouring property Loud voices, parties, music
Entertainment noise from a venue or bar singing outdoor with high volume speakers
Noise from a neighbouring property Neighbour turning on his boat’s engine at 20:30 when kids are sleeping. It is extremely noisy and baby keeps waking crying with the noise.
Noise from a neighbouring property Farmers crow scarer. Shotgun type noise approximately once every five minutes 24 hours a day, every day.
Noise from a neighbouring property People out drinking playing music on the canal all night
Noise from a neighbouring property Laud music and frequent parties
Entertainment noise from a venue or bar Playing loud music after 11pm, causing migraines
Noise from a neighbouring property It is 11:30 pm and my children aged 2 and 5 cannot go to sleep
Noise from a neighbouring property Loud music and shouting
Entertainment noise from a venue or bar Loud music from outdoor speakers in the smoking area at the back of the pub in a newly renovated XXXXX bar. During the day time at weekends.

At night time loud noises from large groups in the back outdoor smoking area.

Industrial Noise Industrial noise from XXXXXX house . Ongoing from 21.00 through to after 23.00
Entertainment noise from a venue or bar


Very loud drinkers on second floor patio, and occasional DJ event that is way too loud.




Entertainment noise from a venue or bar Blasts of music from XXXX Gym… currently just been woken up by it at 2.30am. I have lodged 3/4 complaints with them and no change.


Noise from a neighbouring property Loud music and shouting and screaming from a party out a back garden till 3am


Road Traffic Noise M50 Traffic increasing, can be clearly heard from all bedrooms in our house, more so since recent large trees were removed. Motorbikes speeding regularly wake us and our baby.
Noise from a neighbouring property Loud antisocial behaviour at midnight, young individuals probably intoxicated


Barking Dogs or Livestock
Entertainment noise from a venue or bar Extremely loud music, affecting ability to sleep, Sat and Sun, and often during the week


Barking Dogs or Livestock Large dog barking


Noise from a neighbouring property Music loud all the time, specially night-time. Jumping and dropping objects on the floor. Speak very loud.


Quarry Noise Noise and traffic from quarry from 4am in the morning, and regular blasting
Road Traffic Noise All road traffic
Aircraft Noise Aircraft taking off and landing
Road Traffic Noise Traffics from ring road and feeder roads
Road Traffic Noise continuous noise from N2 road
Barking Dogs or Livestock Seagulls calling 24hours a day
Entertainment noise from a venue or bar Disturbed sleep. Unable to use garden at times


Noise from a neighbouring property Footsteps overhead


Road Traffic Noise road traffic noise
Noise from a neighbouring property DIY noise drills hammers etc. .some nights up until 11 o clock, affects our sleep and can’t relax watching TV


Road Traffic Noise Our estate has recently been built alongside a bypass. The extent of the noise of road traffic was a realisation after we purchased the house. There is constant traffic noise particularly trucks breaking and accelerating coming into/driving out of round about which results in interrupted sleep particularly for my baby daughter whose bedroom is at the back of the house. This noise starts as early as 4.30am. Large volumes of traffic use this bypass to avoid paying a toll on the nearby motorway.
Noise from a neighbouring property Electric shower
Construction Noise rock breaker  in back yard of house 8 hours per day
Road Traffic Noise Animal noises from mart and HGV mart traffic through night and unsociable hours 7 days a week
Wind Turbine Noise Loud whirring and turbine noise, upsets my dogs and myself and the more they build the louder it gets
Road Traffic Noise The traffic from the main road which we are a reasonable distance away from is getting louder and louder, especially since tries have been cut down, sound travels hugely in this area despite the rural setting
Industrial Noise Noise from the very large forestry opposite us, particularly if they are making new paths or harvesting, it goes on for weeks, I can’t even open a window when they are there and there is never any warning even as a courtesy
Barking Dogs or Livestock Every neighbour that has dogs in our area seems to keep them outside they bark constantly and then my dogs get disturbed, the loudest are the greyhounds, they bark and howl 24/7 and also fight at least that’s what it sounds like