First release of Noise Data (6 month) Interval 1

Thank you to all 140 respondents who took part in logging their noise complaint. The statistics are as follows:

Please enter your county/area:


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When does the noise occur?

  • 71% said Daytime
  • 57% said Evening
  • 78.6% said Night

Note: Many complaints occurred daytime, evening and night, hence the % distribution.


Have you reported this noise complaint to any local authority, the EPA, DAA or TII?

  • 8% reported the noise to the EPA
  • 0% reported the noise to the DAA
  • 7 % reported the noise to TII
  • 15% reported to the the noise Local Authority
  • 3% reported to the dog warden
  • Others did not report it.
  • 1% said they were afraid to report it or did not want to report it.


All respondents agreed to the terms and conditions associated with the use of this data.