DAA seeks contractors for noise insulation

Dublin Airport is seeking contractors to work on a noise insulation scheme for homes affected by the construction of its proposed new runway.

The daa is looking to build a second runway at Dublin Airport

Tenders have been invited for the delivery of a ‘Noise Insulation Scheme Consultancy Framework’ for the new runway project and up to five companies will be enlisted to operate the project.
A range of consultants are being sought for the project from environmental engineering consultants to sound insulation and room acoustics consultants to consultancy services on energy efficiency and building fabric.

More than 100 homes in the so-called ’63-decibel contour’ around Dublin Airport have been offered sound insulation paid for by the daa using contractors it will directly employ for the job.

The issuing of tender invites for those contractors is the first concrete step to the scheme being realised.

Homes in the 69-decibel contour have been offered a buy-out scheme by the daa but can opt out of that scheme and decide instead to take the sound insulation option and will be allowed change their mind up to three years after the runway is completed.

If they opted for the insulation process and later opt for a buy-out, the cost of the insulation will not be subtracted from the valuation of their home.

Should those buy-out scheme receive a different independent valuation from the one the daa-hired agent comes up with, there will be an arbitration process for any difference more than 5%, paid for by daa, the Fingal Independent understands.

The buy-out offer is being made to all homes in the 69 decibel ‘noise contour’ which will be impacted by increased noise levels from the new runway. This contour has been reduced since the original planning process for the new runway and now, only a handful of the homes in the scheme are inside the redrawn contour, However, the buy-out offer has been made to all of the homes inside the original and larger contour.

The development of the new runway before the courts with Fingal County Council being challenged on its decision to extend planning permission for the project.

Fingal Independent